Program Descriptions
 North Heights Program Descriptions
  DAC: Diplomas and Certificates
DAC is a program designed to recapture students who did not complete graduation requirements.  This dropout recovery program is designed to assist students to complete their diploma and transition into higher education or work training.  The DAC director will serve as a liaison and will assist students in the transitioning from one program to the other.
The GED program has been developed for those students who do not  have a reasonable expectation of graduation.  Students in the GED program must be 16 years of age at the beginning of the school year.  Two years must have elapsed since the student entered the 9th grade and has less than one third of the required credits to graduate.  The State of Texas requires that the student take the exit level tests.  Students are enrolled with student and parent agreement. 
 PASS: Providing Academic Success for Students
The PASS program is designed to facilitate school attendance and success for students with unique circumstances.  Students must be at-risk and have established residence in one of the four high schools in the Amarillo Independent School District.  Classes are available in the four core subject areas and limited electives.  The school day is flexible with late afternoon classes.  The PASS program is an individualized, self paced program.  This is an open entry/open exit program.  Students must apply for entry into the program through the counselor at their school of residence.  
READY: Recovery Extension Alternative for Disruptive Youth 
READY is a long term (more than 30 days) alternative placement where students, who have seriously violated the law and the student code of conduct, may continue their public education.  READY is a self paced program with core subjects, foreign language, and endorsements taught with self discipline instruction. Students enter through a district hearing process.
 Special Education Expulsion Instruction
Special Education students, who have been expelled from school, receive needed instruction in the expulsion instruction program.
 STAEP: Short Term Alternative Education Program
STAEP is an alternative placement for student who  have violated the  student code of conduct.  In most instances students are assigned for no less than 11 days and no more than 30 days.  The STAEP program is a middle consequence between I.S.S. (in school suspension) and long term AEP placement. The STAEP coordinator oversees the program and coordinates student information, assignments, and schedules from the student's home campus and the STAEP teachers.  STAEP students will receive instruction in the four core areas, foreign language, and endorsements from highly qualified teachers.